How do you sqeeze your workouts in your day?

13 01 2010

some very random tips that can save time so there is more time to workout

  • Use elastic shoe laces on your training shoes – save up to a minute every time you go for a run. This could add useful years to your life : )
  • Do you swim during your lunch break? Then your time is really short! Try this to get in and out of the locker room just that little bit quicker: When undressing, unbutton only enough buttons to get your shirt over your head. If you’re wearing a sweater or tie – leave them on the shirt and pull them all off at once. This will net you valuable extra time in the pool each day. Buy slip-on dress shoes.
  • And if you swim at lunch time, do you really need to have that morning shower? Maybe instead, you could squeeze in a short run before work and have your daily shower after your swim. You’ll be fine. You wanna be fast or immaculately clean every minute of the day?
  • Have to drop off your car for service? Run home – no workout missed. Have to miss your Saturday bike ride because of a day trip to visit relatives? Leave early on your bike and meet the spouse there or part way there.
  • Shave at night before bed to speed up your morning workout run or routine.

some ways to simplify your real life

  • Throw away ALL your dress socks and buy a dozen pair of comfortable BLACK socks that are all exactly the same. Come laundry time, kiss sock sorting goodbye. Also, getting dressed in the morning will be a tad faster as you won’t have to figure out if those dark socks are blue or black.
  • Re-wear your running clothes before washing. I used to wear running clothes only once before they went into the dirty clothes. When I switched to daily running, it created a bunch of extra work trying to keep clean clothes ready to wear. Now I hang up my shorts, running pants and top on a hook on the inside of my closet after each morning run and re-wear them every day for the week.

What are  your tricks and tips for squeezing more workout time into your day?




One response

19 01 2010

I’m not lucky enough to smell so little after a run that I can get away with dry towelling off before inflicting myself on my colleagues. In my experience it’s better to place safe on this point. So I’d advise others thinking of following your advice on this point to exercise caution, even if they think they can get away with it, only their closest colleagues will tell them if they really can. The rest will just come to think of you as StinkySteve.

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