Weekend swim workout

5 02 2010

Here is a fairly challenging workout that can be done in around an hour.

    Running total Running total
400 swim Warm-up 400 8 min
4 X 200 on 4:00 1st length of each 100, swim with hands in a fist. Work on using high elbow to grab water with entire forearm. 1200 25 min
100 easy backstroke   1300 27
100 on 2:00
200 on 3:30
Do the whole sequence 100, 200, four times. You’ll get lots of rest on the 100, but not so much on the 200’s. 2500 49
100 easy breaststroke   2600 52
4 x 100 pull on 1:45 Try alternate breathing if you can. Since you aren’t kicking, you won’t need as much O2. 3000 56
200 swim Warm-down 3200 60

The main set is done this way:

  • Do the 100 on the 2:00 interval
  • After 2:00, start the 200 on the 3:45.
  • After 3:45 start the next 100 again.
  • Do this until you complete the whole set 4 times.

Winter training plan

4 02 2010

I missed my daily late morning swim today. I had to work during my usual 9:30 – 10:15 break but it’s OK because I plan on swimming with the masters group tonight and it’s probably better to be fresh as possible for the competitive nature of those workouts. This afternoon, before masters swimming, I’ll do another short run, making it a three workout day.

Yesterday was a good day; I was able to squeeze in four snappy little workouts, keeping with my philosophy of high frequency – and in the case of running – low volume. I ran my usual, workday 5:00 a.m., 3.5 mile wake-up jog, followed by my 9:30 a.m.,1000 yard swim, followed by an afternoon 1500 yard interval workout swim, followed by a 45 min spin on the bike later in the evening.(indoors using rollers and a power meter).

Here’s what a typical January and February training week is looking like. I am still doing what I call a swim emphasis and that will continue through February. I obviously move things around and even add workouts occasionally, but this is the basic structure I’ve been following and will continue to follow until March.

Early morning Late morning Afternoon Evening
Monday 3.5 mile jog Swim 1500Hard time-trial of 200 to 500 yds Optional yoga 90 min of Tennis
Tuesday 3.5 mile jog Swim 15001000 continuous Sub-threshold bike ride (2 X 20 min @ sub-threshold watts)
Wednesday 3.5 mile jog Swim 1000400 @ 1600 race pace Optional swim Easy bike or however I feel
Thursday 3.5 mile jog Swim 10001000 continuous


Optional run Masters swim team workout
Friday 3.5 mile jog Swim 1000 – 1500Depending how I feel
Saturday 5 mile jog Masters swim team workout Optional yoga Tempo bike (1 x 40 – 60 @ tempo watts)
Sunday 6 mile runwith 3 miles @ tempo pace

I just came off an easy week because my swim times were slipping and my knee started hurting a bit more than usual. Planning an easy week once a month is probably a good idea, but I usually wait until my schedule (due to a vacation or busy work week) demands less training or until my body gives me clues, it needs a break.

Swimming – My hard swims are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Monday I like to do a time trial to check my fitness. Thursday and Saturday’s I swim with the masters group which is always challenging due to the yardage (3000-4000 yards), but more importantly, because of the competitiveness of the workouts.

Biking – I roughly follow the 3X/week, indoor cycling schedule outlined above this time of year. The two “hard” days are Tuesday and Saturday. Any time we get a warm day, defined as above 40 degrees, the schedule is scrapped I get outside on the tandem or my time-trial bike.

Running – Nothing very earth-shaking here. I’m keeping the frequency as high as possible with 7 or more runs per week. The only hard day is Sunday when I run 2 – 4 miles at tempo-pace.

Tempo is defined by me as 5-mile race pace + 15 seconds (or so). At this point and time; I’d guess my 5-mile race pace as 6:45/mi, so my tempo runs need to be around 6:55 – 7:05/mi. I’m a big fan of tempo runs for triathlon training for many reasons, but the number one reason is; tempo runs just happen to be almost exactly the same pace you’ll run your 10K leg of an Olympic-distance triathlon. How’s that for specificity of training? Also, for me, I think it has less risk for injury than faster pace intervals. As the racing season approaches, I may do some threshold intervals (mile repeats) on the track at 5 mile race pace, depending how my legs are holding out. There is a 5 mile race here in downtown Indy in a couple weeks. I plan on doing it to check my current fitness, but more importantly, to determine my proper training pace.

For more information on tempo runs