I’m starting this blog to share my thoughts and experience gathered after 26 years of triathlon training and racing.

I have lots of random nuggets of wisdom in my head from how do train smarter to how to live healthier and extend ones athletic career and I’m hoping this forum will be a method for organizing these thoughts and writing them down. Hopefully readers who stumble upon this blog will find something useful.

Emphasis will be on Olympic distance triathlon racing and training but most topics will be general enough in nature to be of value to any serious triathlete.  See you at the starting line!


2 responses

7 12 2010
tom woods

I am aging up to 40 in 2011 and will be eligible to race as a “masters”. Other than your site, are there other sites you would recommend? I am not certain if I should race as a Masters or simple enter in the 40-44 AG? I am not sure if there are pluses/minuses to racing in one division or the other, especially in the eyes of USAT. Thanks. Most of my results are posted on Athlinks.

8 12 2010

Find Joe Friel’s Blog at Training Peaks.com He has been writing about masters’ issues for a long time. Are you familiar with him?

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