2011 Season

21 04 2011

I’m starting the 2011 season with legs that seem willing to run, so we’ll see how it goes. The plan is to stay healthy, by keeping run mileage to a minimum and go for a peak performance through four weeks in August – Tri Indy Triathlon – USAT National Age Group Championship in Burlington – Chicago Triathlon.

I plan on continuing my winter running routine – 2.5 miles, very easy every morning M-F. Take Saturday off from running and Sunday will be tempo day on my hard weeks. Here’s what the program looks like:

I’ll start Threshold/Vo2 Max intervals on Tuesdays in Phase 3 towards the end of June.

Last year, I had a stress fracture that goofed up my run training most of the summer, but even with almost no running in June (of 2010) and very little in July, I still had a very decent race in Chicago last year. I think this was due to two factors: Years of running in my past. And, lots of hard bike riding.

So, the plan is to bike as much as possible – Not big long rides, but lots of rides – many if not most, at high intensity.

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